Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lose Weight

Real Weight-Loss Stories: I Kept the Pounds Off

When it comes to major weight loss, it’s no surprise that in many cases, losing it is the easy part. Maintaining that weight loss, however, is a whole different story. A recent study from the Penn State College of Medicine  found that only about 1 in every 6 Americans who has ever been overweight or obese loses weight and then somehow manages to keep the pounds off. Difficult, yes, but impossible, no. These 10 women have bucked the trend and share their tips and secrets to slimming down for good.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Body Signer Control man

Body signer Control Man $ 58.99

Special: 3 Body Signer Control Man $ 150.00

Es una comoda y ligera camiseta disenada pensado en la importancia de la imagen del hombre actual, reduce dos tallas al istante. Esta fabricada en Power net la cual te ayuda a controlar el abdomen relajado, facilitando un buen drenaje y proporciona un firme soporte para la columna vertebral ayudando a mantener una excelente postura.

It is comfortable and light T-shirt design keeping in mind the good image of the actual man; it takes out immediately two sizes. It is manufacture with special fabric named ” Power net ” and it helps to control and relax the abdomen giving you a good draining and a firm support to the spine helping a better posture.